Minimizing Environmental Impact

Helium has historically been produced as a by-product of large-scale natural gas production plants, where helium can be found in trace quantities. Canadian helium production presents a unique opportunity to create an environmentally-conscious supply of helium for the future.

Our Commitment to A Sustainable Helium Future

Helium Evolution is committed to developing a sustainable helium future. We strongly believe that minimizing any environmental impact of our operations is paramount in achieving this goal. Our team is proactive in operational planning, ensuring that environmental impact mitigation and safety remain foundational to everything we do. While we are required to operate within environmental regulatory standards, we intend to exceed requirements whenever possible as we remain committed to a sustainable helium future.

HEVI’s Saskatchewan helium is ESG-friendly

  • We are drilling for helium directly, not extracting it as a by-product of natural gas production
  • Green source of helium as harmless nitrogen is the carrier gas, so can be vented
  • Canada is stable, safe & environmentally responsible vs other global jurisdictions
  • An identical drilling process to natural gas means easy transfer of knowledge

ESTMA Reporting

Modern Slavery Act (MSA)

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