Helium Evolution holds North America’s largest helium land acreage among publicly-traded companies, concentrated in a historically helium rich area of Saskatchewan.

Helium Evolution Advantages

  • 5.5 million acres of permitted land
  • Excellent geological data available
  • Initial drilling program commenced mid-2022; data analysis underway with plans to acquire additional seismic
  • Strategy for production & offtake
  • Commitment to conservative execution & contingency planning
  • Supportive regulatory jurisdiction & strong government relationships
  • Capitalized for execution of drilling program

Massive untapped land position adjacent to North American Helium production wells.

At least 6 Seismically-defined targets and over 180 identified potential helium anomalies captured.

Over 750km of 2D seismic purchased and shot.

Six Distinct Land Segments

  1. McCord-Mankota   ✓ Initial Focus Area
  2. Gravelbourg
  3. Wilcox
  4. Willow
  5. Grasslands
  6. Fox

Basal Cambrian Sandstone Structure

Radioactive decay of the uranium in Southern Saskatchewan’s basement rocks has produced significant helium reserves.

Up to:


In excess of:


McCord Drilling Targets

Potential drilling locations

HEVI is targeting structural basement highs that have the potential to trap helium in sandstone reservoirs draped by the structures.

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