Helium is vital for science and technology

  • 2nd most abundant element in the universe (after hydrogen) and the most stable
  • Inert gas to -269 C
  • Non-renewable: recoverable quantities only in a few locations globally
  • High thermal conductivity helps control silicon temperatures during chip manufacturing & semiconductor miniaturization

Helium cannot be synthesized & has no substitutes

  • Demand for helium increasing in the technology industry
  • Helium market expected to grow 11.2% (CAGR) 2021-20261
  • Several countries, including Canada, have classified helium as a critical mineral2

Technology Manufacturing


  • Semi-conductor manufacturing
  • Micro-chip manufacturing
  • LCD panels
  • Fiber optic cables



  • MRI machines
  • Helium-ion microscopes
  • Laser eye surgery
  • Cryogenics

Helium is most commonly known as a safe, non-flammable gas to fill balloons, however helium:

  • Cannot be synthesized & has no substitutes
  • Is found in recoverable quantities in only a few locations globally
  • Escapes into the atmosphere
  • Has cooling properties with a boiling point near absolute zero

Aerospace & Defense


  • Space exploration – fuel purging systems
  • Defense guidance systems
  • Rocket guidance systems

Industrial Uses


  • Welding – shield masks
  • Gas leak detection
  • Nuclear reactor coolant
  • Crystal growth

1 Global Helium Market Report; Research and Markets; 2021
2 Critical Minerals; Government of Canada; 2021

A Growing Need for Helium

End uses of helium are expected to substantially outpace global GDP growth.

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